Local Content Requirements impact 100bnUSD in trade each year.

With a decade of experience spanning Local Content markets in each Continent, Local Content Now are global experts in driving supply-chain localization in Renewable Energy industries. Our services are focused on advising both Governments & Businesses on where, and how to compete.

Our Capabilities

Strategic Planning for entering Local Content Markets

There are over 100 Local Content Requirements in effect globally. Over 20 of these requirements target Renewable Energy industries specifically. Businesses that do not have an attractive localization plan will often lose tenders. Businesses with a plan that can’t be implemented effectively often face significant liquidated damages. Our focus is on ensuring Businesses avoid both of those situations.

With experience in over 14 Local Content Markets across the globe, we have the expertise to help your business develop a competitive Strategic Plan for Local Content Markets on all levels: Global, Country, and/or Tender specific.


Establishing your Next Factory

We provide thorough manufacturing footprint analysis to forecast the factors shaping the competitiveness of your future factory. We can provide the Business Development & Project Management to handle identifying a suitable site, the facility design process, and securing the Land & Facility construction contracts.


Project & Portfolio Management

We provide Project & Portfolio Management of the Localization Plan, from the Strategic level down to individual Supplier Fulfilment & establishing a new factory.

We also advise on establishing a Stage-Gate model for Project execution in Local Content Markets, and how to implement a Portfolio Management function to monitor key milestones, resource demand, and project performance.


Business Development

Businesses that enter markets with Local Content Requirements are no longer just selling their products, they’re selling their supply-chains. Moreover, Local Content Requirements are constantly evolving in markets around the world, making it challenging to know what will be a competitive localization offer.

We provide the Business Development expertise to identify and foster relationships with Government Stakeholders & Suppliers, to ensure you develop the right Local Content Plan.


Legal, Compliance & Documentation

  • Legal: Review contracts with Customers & Suppliers to reduce local content liability, and ensure incentives are in place for suppliers to provide a local content certified product.
  • Compliance: Review localization plans and assess for compliance on an ad hoc or periodic basis.
  • Documentation: Provide & Maintain relevant Local Content Documentation to ensure successful certification & for future audits.


New Market-entry Governance & Process Development

As Rogers & Blenko (2006) put it:

“If you can’t make the right decisions quickly and effectively, and execute those decisions consistently, your business will lose ground.”

We advise on how to develop an agile business that captures opportunities in new markets without sacrificing control. Getting there in large, international matrix organizations requires an effective cross-functional Governance Forum, and the supporting organisational design & processes to make it successful.


Advisory services on Local Content Requirements

With over 100 local content requirements in effect, it can become frustrating and organizationally draining to understand what you need to do to be competitive and to ensure you stay in compliance.

We provide advisory services to Businesses who would like to understand the Local Content Requirements in a specific market and/or for a specific product. 


Who we are

In 2008 I joined Vestas Wind Systems, where I experienced first hand the rise in Local Content Requirements and the challenges associated with understanding and adapting to them. After a few challenging experiences, Vestas did adapt, and went on to secure a leading position in Local Content Markets around the world, including Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, South Africa, and Canada (Ontario, Quebec).

Having the opportunity to lead the localization effort in these markets made me appreciate how trade-barriers and the risks and economic inefficiencies they create can be overcome and turned into a competitive advantage for Businesses. They also made me appreciate the qualities of an effective Local Content Requirement regime from one that companies are better off walking away from.

In a world where Local Content Requirements continue to proliferate, and with no best practice or standardization in sight, there is a need for both Governments and Industry to adapt. Local Content Now was started in 2018 to participate in this process and help drive sustainable, profitable localization.

Sven Peterson (Linkedin)

Owner & Senior Consultant

Sven sitting tower factory resized
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